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Senior Center Awards & Accreditations

senior-awards-accreditationsThe JCC Senior Center’s numerous awards and accreditations reflect its far reaching impact in the Cincinnati senior community. Our outstanding programs and services stand out on a national scale and provide us with greater opportunities to serve our members.


The Mayerson JCC Senior Center is Nationally Accredited.

The Mayerson JCC Senior Center has earned the official status of National Accreditation by meeting the nine standards of excellence for senior center operations that were developed by the National Institute of Senior Centers (NISC), a unit of the National Council on Aging (NCOA). These standards serve as a guide for all senior centers to improve their operations today and position themselves for the future.

This accreditation is the culmination of a rigorous year-long process of self evaluation and a two-day, on-site review by representatives of NISC. The national accreditation process, initiated in 1998, is based on nine standards of excellence in programs: mission, community collaboration, administration and human resources (including volunteers), governance, planning, financial controls, reports and records, and facility.

Senior centers play a significant role in supporting older adults and connect them to community services that help them stay healthy and independent. This accreditation recognizes our substantial impact on thousands of seniors and solidifies our status as one of the best senior centers in America.

The Mayerson JCC Senior Center received full NISC accreditation in January 2012. We are the only senior center in Cincinnati, Ohio and one of the few of JCCs in the country to do so.

This is what NISC has to say about us:

The center’s strengths include:

  • A state-of-the-art facility with a sound-proof music room, well-equipped art studio, large auditorium that can accommodate up to 800 people, 10 different exercise rooms, full-size gym, walking track, spa, aquatic center, and outdoor walking track and swimming pool.
  • A wide range of choices provided by the meals program, including Kosher, non-Kosher, ethnic, frozen, chilled, traditional congregate (with Shabbat lunch on Fridays), or soup and sandwiches in the J Café. Currently, 200 clients receive home-delivered meals weekly.
  • Excellent transportation program with three drivers who serve 40-50 seniors for the noon meal and activities.
  • Several evidence-based programs, including:
    • Matter of Balance: Emphasizes practical strategies to reduce the fear of falling and increase activity levels.
    • Arthritis Foundation Tai Chi Program®:Designed to improve quality of life for people with arthritis using Sun style Tai Chi.
    • Active Living Every Day: Helps participants find energy, feel good, and be healthy through active living.


Tsipora Gottlieb, Director of Senior Adult Services:

  • Harris K. and Alice F. Weston Award, 2004
  • Outstanding Leader in the Field of Aging, Association for Professionals in Aging, 2011
  • Outstanding Leader in the Field of Aging, Jewish Federation of Cincinnati, 2011. This award is presented annually to a junior and a senior Jewish communal professional who has demonstrated outstanding leadership qualities in their agencies, in the Cincinnati Jewish community ,and in their fields of service.

Susan Bradley-Meyer, Assistant Director of Senior Adult Services:

  • Chaver Award, The Association of Jewish Center Professionals, 2006. This award is given each year to an outstanding JCC team member with less than 10 years in the field.

Programs and Practices:

  • In 2010, the JCC Association of North America awarded the Mayerson JCC Senior Center three awards for outstanding programs and practices at the exemplary level:
    • Shalom Phone: The Shalom Phone program is a free volunteer service that provides friendly telephone calls to seniors ages 60+. The program works to eliminate some of the concerns facing those who are isolated in our community, allowing them to remain independent. Shalom Phone uses trained senior adult volunteers to make regularly scheduled calls to seniors who live alone.
    • Super Senior Meal Deal: An alternative meal program serving  younger seniors six days a week through the J Café.
    • Matter of Balance: The Mayerson JCC Senior Center offers the Matter of Balance program, Managing Concerns About Falls, which emphasizes practical strategies to reduce this fear and increase activity levels. Participants learn to view falls and fear of falling as controllable; how to set realistic goals to increase activity; how to change their environment to reduce fall risk factors; and exercises to increase strength and balance. This program was developed at the Roybal Center at Boston University and has been nationally recognized.