Today’s Building Hours: 5:30 AM - 10:00 PM

Senior Lecture Series

Our Senior Center Lecture Series offers rare opportunities to hear from top thinkers, artists, chefs, authors, and innovators in intimate conversations that connect, enrich, and inspire. Join us on Tuesdays at 10:30am. No RSVP needed.

Hamilton County Recorder’s Office – So Many Kinds of Help!

April 24, 10:30am

Speaker: Dave Pittinger, Hamilton County Recorder’s Office

Our county recorders maintain a wide variety of permanent public records for us, involving real estate, personal property, military records, and more. They can help with genealogical searches and issue IDs for veterans. Learn about the many valuable services that are available to us, and bring your questions!

General Advocacy: Learning from Past to Present 

May 1, 10:30am

Speaker: Justin Kirschner, Jewish Community Relations Council (JCRC)

Reflect on and explore what it used to mean to be a social advocate, and how that translates into today’s advocacy. Learn about why advocacy and engagement is so critical in today’s social fabric.

Designing Women: Cincinnati’s Dressmakers 

May 8, 10:30am

Speaker: A docent from the Cincinnati Art Museum

Encounter the best in women’s fashion from the late 19th and early 20th centuries and learn about the Cincinnati women designers who made it happen.

Stephen J. Foster

May 15, 10:30am

Speaker: Ashley Ford, longtime first-person historical character interpreter from the Cincinnati History Museum

Meet the composer and enjoy the music of America’s most beloved songwriter, Stephen Collins Foster (1826-1864). Learn about the beginning of his career in Cincinnati in 1846. Mr. Foster will tell you his personal story and accompany himself on accordion while sharing some of his famous songs – feel free to join in!

Getting your Affairs in order 

May 22, 10:30am

Speaker: John Hartmann and Bob Buechner 

Estate planning is about ensuring that your wishes are carried out regarding your estate. While most of us don’t have a literal estate with a grand manor and a stable full of horses, we do all have an “estate.” In legal terms, our estate consists of everything we own. By determining what your wishes are, who will receive what and when, and who is responsible for carrying out your wishes, you participate in estate planning.

1800s Medicine – Survival of the Fittest

May 29, 10:30am

Speaker: Kathy Creighton, Butler County Historical Society 

Bleed, blister, and purge were the preferred methods used by physicians during the 1800s. Learn how medicine changed from the time of the Ancient Greeks to the Civil War, what caused the death of George Washington, the schooling required to become a doctor over the years, and more.

The Basics of Memory Loss

June 5, 10:30am

Speaker: Carolyn Ferris, Alzheimer’s Association of Greater Cincinnati

Learn about the benefits of early detection and tools for seeking the right diagnostic tests, doctors, and treatment options for dementia.

Film – Entebbe Hero: The Yoni Netanyahu Story

June 12, 10:30am

 The Hero of the Raid on Entebbe is Yonatan “Yoni” Netanyahu, the older brother of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who masterminded the 1976 raid on Entebbe Airport which freed the dozens of Israeli hostages held captive in Uganda. This film explores the inspiring life of this iconic yet reluctant hero, poet, scholar, and national treasure.

Common Self Medication Mistakes Patients Make at Home, and How to Avoid Them 

June 19, 10:30am

Speaker: Joe Wedig

Have you ever forgotten to take your blood pressure medication? Or grabbed a teaspoon from a kitchen drawer to measure liquid medication? These medical errors and many others are all too easy to make and can have serious consequences. Learn about some easy solutions to help you better manage your medications.

Steps to Securing Your Future

June 26, 10:30am

Speaker: Ann Sutton Burke, Jewish Family Service

Aging is a time of transition. Many people start taking steps to eat better, get regular exercise, and manage stress to extend their healthy years. But it goes beyond that: healthy aging should include thinking ahead to the financial, medical, and family issues that you could face as you age.