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Documentary Thursdays

June Theme: Planet Earth

This landmark series transports nature lovers from the Himalayan Mountains, to the depths of the ocean, and everywhere in between.

June 28 at 1pm – Ice Worlds – Journey to the polar extremes of our planet, where for most of the year, the Arctic and Antarctic are locked in ice.

August Theme: Jewish Documentaries

Please note: We will not show Thursday documentaries in July due to Remo Health RHYTHMS Group Drumming – Sign up! 

Shanghai Ghetto 
August  9, 10:30am

Stripped of possessions and rights, German and Eastern European Jews flee to an unlikely destination to avoid persecution from the Nazis. 

Inglorious Bastards 
August  16, 10:30am

This is the incredible true story behind Quentin Tarantino’s film Inglorious Bastards. As a teenager, Hans Wijnberg was sent to America from Holland to escape Nazi aggression; Fred Mayer and his family flee Germany. Both enlist in the U.S. army and are recruited for “Operation Greenup.” They’re sent to investigate a Nazi stronghold in one of the most successful and daring missions of WWII. 

The Forgotten Refugees 
August  23, 10:30am

The Forgotten Refugees explores the history and destruction of Middle Eastern and North African Jewish communities, some of which had existed for more than 2,500 years. Employing the extensive testimony of survivors from Egypt, Yemen, Libya, Iraq, and Iran, the film recounts the stories of joy and of suffering that nearly a million individuals have carried with them. 

A Yiddish World Remembered 
August  30, 10:30am

The story of Jewish life in Eastern Europe is brought to life again by some of the remaining eyewitnesses. Narrated by Academy Award nominated actor Elliott Gould and accompanied by never-before-seen archival films, vintage photographs, and, of course, traditional Klezmer and cantorial music, the documentary takes a realistic and enlightening look at this unique and all-but-vanished way of life.