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Documentary Thursdays

April Documentaries

Charting a New Course
April 25, 10:30am

A focused look at the workplace, where individual women crashed through the glass ceiling, and to the courts, where they waged a battle against the “hidden injuries” of battery, harassment, and rape.

May Documentaries

Defying the Nazis: The Sharps’ War
May 2, 10:30am

A film by Ken Burns and Artemis Joukowsky and narrated by Tom Hanks, Defying the Nazis: The Sharps’ War explores the never-before-told story of Waitstill and Martha Sharp, an American minister and his wife from Wellesley, Massachusetts, who left their children in the care of their parish and boldly committed to a life-threatening mission in Europe.

Oma and Bella
May 9, 10:30am

Two adorable, elderly best friends spend their days making sumptuous Jewish meals and recalling their experiences as Holocaust survivors in this powerful family portrait.

Welcome To Kutsher’s: The Last Catskills Resort
May 16, 10:30am

Kutsher’s Country Club is the last surviving Jewish resort in the Catskills. This award-winning documentary explores the full Dirty Dancing-era Catskills experience – how it changed American pop culture through comedy, sports and the tourism industry – and captures a last glimpse of a lost world as it disappears before our eyes.

Mekonen: The Journey of an African Jew
May 23, 10:30am

This film follows the backstory and personal journey of Mekonen Abebe, a young African-Israeli Jew who grew from working as a young shepherd in Ethiopia and to serving as a commander in the Israeli Defense Forces. Mekonen journeys back to Africa as he explores his roots, makes peace with his past, and embraces his future in Israel.

Jewish Law: Kosher Cooking
May 30, 10:30am

This series examines Jewish culture, beginning with kosher cooking. Why are there two sinks and two fridges in all Jewish kitchens? What makes food kosher? Learn about how ancient laws impact life today.

June Documentaries

At Frida Kahlo’s
June 6, 10:30am

Located in Mexico City, “The Blue House” is the home where Frida Kahlo was born and died. Explore her life there, where she is surrounded by fellow artists and other luminaries including painter Diego Rivera, Leon Trotsky, Pablo Picasso, André Breton, Sergei Eisenstein, Pablo Neruda, Waldo Frank, Marcel Duchamp, Vassily Kandinsky, and more. This film recalls the great adventures, the parties, manifestos, freewheeling love affairs, and betrayals.

Zaha Hadid
June 13, 10:30am

One of the world’s greatest architects, Zaha Hadid, is featured in this documentary, chronicling one of her signature works – The Heyar Aliyey Center of Aku. An award-winning achievement, the Center demonstrates the talents of one of the great artists of architecture.

American Masters: Eero Saarinen – The Architect Who Saw the Future
June 20, 10:30am

Explore the life of Finnish-American architect Eero Saarinen, whose visionary structures include St. Louis’ Gateway Arch and the General Motors Technical Center in Michigan.

Being and Becoming Chua Ek Kay
June 27, 10:30am

China-born Singaporean artist, Chua Ek Kay, pioneered new forms of representation in Chinese ink painting. Chua faced criticism from traditionalists while personally struggling to resolve differences in East/West aesthetics, yet his perseverance ultimately yielded a quiet revolution in Singaporean art.